Though Ring Jacket is new to most of the world, the brand has a rich history that dates back more than 60 years. During the mid-1950's, the company was born out of a passion for clothing and a commitment to quality. The goal was clear: to produce ready-to-wear clothing that was of the same caliber as custom-made garments. Since the beginning, Ring Jacket has produced their tailored clothing in-house, with a full-canvas construction that utilizes the hand-sewing skills of the artisans in their Osaka workshop. Known in part for their distinctive fabrics, Ring Jacket collaborates with the finest mills in the world to develop unique cloths that are exclusively their own. Today, Ring Jacket offers a beautifully made Japanese garment with a distinct Italian flavor - classic clothing reinterpreted in a modern and comfortable way.


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Tani, the head patterner, making
modifications to a jacket prototype
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Paper patterns for production garments
hang neatly organized in the factory
3 / 14
Striking a pattern on a checked cloth
using laser guides to ensure precision
4 / 14
Cutting a pattern on a checked cloth
for a custom order
5 / 14
Pressing of a jacket’s full canvas front
6 / 14
Closing of a jacket front
7 / 14
Murakami, the factory manager, using
basting thread to prepare a vest for hand
stitching on a custom order
8 / 14
Hand sewing a collar to the lapel for
better balance and an optimal fit
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Pressing a jacket’s lapel to create
a beautiful, gentle roll
10 / 14
Buttons being sewn by hand
11 / 14
Pressing a jacket to work in a shaped
and contoured fit
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Organizing a run of ready-to-wear
jackets after completion
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A full canvas lining is initially tacked
to a jacket’s front at Ring Jacket’s
canvassing facilities
14 / 14
Basting stitches are used to hold
a jacket’s front together

Note  from  the  President

A history of Ring Jacket

Ring Jacket was founded in 1954 by my father, Jhoichi Fukushima, a man of elegance and determination. Over the last sixty years, our company has pursued the lofty goal of creating ready-to-wear tailored clothing in Japan with the quality and fit of a bespoke garment.

We are proud to produce in Japan. Our original factory in Osaka has expanded to an additional site in Oita, while keeping its dedication to quality production. We design cloth with renowned mills from around the world, sourcing our hardy, durable materials from the UK, our fine fabrics from Italy, and developing our own unique creations from Japanese manufacturers. Our tailored clothing is made with a full horsehair canvas and uses a mixture of hand and machine work. We focus our efforts on areas of great importance, such as the shoulder, lapel and chest.

Our style could originally be defined as classic Ivy League, which was greatly admired by my father, and we built our company on those foundations. As the world changed around us and Italian clothing rose to prominence in the 80’s, we worked closely with the tailoring masters of southern Italy to learn and adapt their craft to Japan. Today, we offer a Japanese garment with an Italian flavour. Our clothes are beautiful but never stuffy, lightweight but with a clear and rakish shape.

The jacket is the dream. The jacket is the ultimate item a man can own, and it serves and speaks on his behalf. The dream jacket is what a man aspires to, but also serves to keep him handsome and to highlight his personality in the best way possible. I hope that Ring Jacket will be your dream as it has been mine.

Ring  Jacket  Brand  Booklet

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